Wednesday, 6 December 2017

What are the signs that you are wasting your life?

Here i summarize some of my points that i personally feels that what is actual waste of your life : -

1. When You awaken and don't hurry into anything and spend time with your mobile on the bed.

2. You say Yes to all the programs you are requested called for.

3. Trying to dispute and getting furious to prove your point over social media posts.

4. Keep on enjoying unnecessary and random stuff, standup videos and other things on YouTube.

5. Finding difficulty in getting sleeping during the night because day nap ended somewhat longer.

6. You checking out your WhatsApp and Instagram regularly see no new text messages.

7. You spend a great time scrolling Instagram and FB feeds.

8. Your Sundays and Vacations, Forget to excite you.

9. Not getting a single answer to the question of what to do next, when thinking about your future.

10. You get a birthday notification of your friend on FB and think I am going to wish him later because certainly, you have all day long to go.

11. You check your cellphone more regularly every time after getting a notification.

12. Lastly, When you going to sleep with a regret that I've wasted one more day.

Life is a beautiful moment. Make each second count. 😊😊😊