Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Recommended Speech Therapy..

The uniqueness of this therapy is it improves not only speech but also increase lung capacity as well as improve our concentration. To get the real benefit of this therapy, it has to be done in the following order & there should not be any compromise on that.

1st month: Practice intensively for 1hr each in the morning & evening. Even 3 to 4 hr per day will give   better results. 

2nd to 4th month:1hr in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening.

5th to 7th month: 1hr in the morning.

8th to 10th month: 30 minutes in the morning.

After that the PWS has to decide the practice  based on his requirement and improvement.

Here is all the speech therapy videos ... Just Watch and improve your speech as much as you can..



Initially, it's very difficult to fo speech therapy & it will take some time to do it smoothly and effortlessly. If you do it sincerely for 1 year as I mentioned earlier and along with acceptance of your stammering, you can control your stammering to the great extent. The beauty of this therapy is, after the 1st month of intensive practice, you don't need to apply any technique like prolongation, bouncing, slow reading, breathing exercises etc. But you need to accept your stammering.

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