Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The Bollywood and Stammering

Hello friends,Today, I would like share our views on a serious issue i.e. making films on stammering.

Xstammerers - Indu Sarkar and Jagga Jasoos

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So, Today's topic is Bollywood and Stammering. As you know, 
there are two upcoming movies  the first movie is Kirti Kulhari starer Indu Sarkar and the second one is Ranbir Kapoor starer Jagga Jasoos. In both of these movies, main lead actor and actress have problems with stammering. I do not understand one thing why do Bollywood filmmakers take the help of stammering to entertain the audience. Does Bollywood have a shortage of content today, which is the stage for it to resort to serious problems like stammering? Even before this, too many movies have been made on stammering in Bollywood. Like Golmaal 3, Kaminey, Zuban, etc

Through my blog, I want to draw the attention of all the directors who have made and composed such subject-based movies on stammering. Stammering is a serious problem, ask the person who is stammering what happens to him when he is stammering in front of other people. Ask him how you feel when people are on your side. Live with stammering is like to live every single day with struggle.

The person who stammering is a victim of humiliation, in the same way, these movies also humiliate him. Bollywood will have to understand that stammering is not a medium for them to entertain the audience, but they must understand that making such movies is making fun of those who stammer.

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