Thursday, 21 January 2016


If a pws devote more time for exercising  his speech mechanism, his speech mechanism would become more flexible and he can speak more clearly & sharply .

For giving more exercise to speech mechanism, practicing silent speech therapy was one of the best option.What a pws has to do was whenever he was having free time while walking, sitting, traveling, waiting for someone else, even during bathing etc... he has to repeat the practicing phrases with a low voice (audible to himself only) opening mouth (full or half mouth depending upon the situations) This is called silent speech therapy.

This silent speech therapy can be practiced 5, 10, or 15 minutes depending upon the availability of free time . This practice can be done on a piecemeal basis also . That's if a pws find 10 minutes time for 6 times in a day and if he make use of all the six 10 minutes free time, he had done 10X6=60 minutes of silent speech therapy. So, the pws need not spare separate time for silent speech therapy. If more time was available, he can make use of that time also . More practicing the silent speech therapy ,  his speech mechanism become more flexible and he can be able to speak with EASE..

Some pws were telling that it was difficult for them to pronounce certain words. This could be due to VERY LESS usage of those certain words by their speech mechanism. Such pws can practice silent speech therapy using those feared words so that in due course of time, their speech mechanism become flexible with those feared words and thus they can able to speak without stammering.

Only dedication & sustained efforts were required to carry out silent speech therapy practice, because carrying out activities involved in it were very easy only.


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