Saturday, 1 August 2015

Welcome to Xstammerers...

Hello Readers,

We all Know that the Stammering is a big issue, we have to talk about that. Being a stammerer i have many bad experiences with stammering. I will share that experiences in my coming posts. Stammering is a speech disorder. It is not very uncommon. Stammering makes us shy or it can be developed a fear of speaking on the front of others. If any person has the problem of stammering then they have a fear to say something on the front of many people. He always scared about that if i am going to say something i got stuck and people will laugh at me. Its is the very common sense of fear experienced by every PWS.


  1. I am 72 yeals old followed many therapies, to no avail. Despite this serious problem, i became a reasonable succesfull entrepeneur.However I still hate to go to a store and having to ask for something, guess i am too old now to be really pissed any more.

    1. Your life experience is so long with stammering and i am happy to know that despite this problem you are a successful entrepreneur. I really appreciate your effort.One thing keep in a mind that life gives us experiences and nothing can be substitute your experience. I think you are very much experienced and dealing with stammering since long time. My advice is that go everywhere and ask to anybody. don't care what people thinks about you if you stutters. if you will make understand other people, what you want to say then in the end you are a winner.

      All the Best :)